Wednesday, 26 June 2019

Nativism Fear Driven Brains Working

Nativism Fear Driven Brains Working

 nativism fear driven brains working overtime here in America and in places like Austria where a far-right candidate ne

arly won the president a presidential election for the first time since World W

ar two or the brexit for God's sakes that insane idea that the best path for Britain is to cut loose from Europe and drift out to sea I mean what is Europe even going to look like

in 25 years and add to that an American political system that's failing we've got congressmen on a two-year election cycle who are incentivized to think short te

rm and simply do not engage with long term problems and add to that a media that thrives on scandal and people with the

irir pants anything to get you to tune in so they can hock you products that you don't need and add to that a banking system that steals people's money it's alright I'm n

ot running for office but by the way while I'm on this let me just say to this to the bankers specifically the ones who brou

ght you the biggest heist in history it was theft and you knew it it was fraud and you knew it and you know what else we know that you knew it so yeah you sort of got a

way with it you got that house in the Hamptons that other people paid for is their own mortgages went underwater an

d you might have their money but you don't have our respect and just so you know when we pass you on the street and look you in the eye that's what we're thinking

I don't know if justice is coming for you in this life or the next but if justice does come for you in this life her name will be Eliza

beth Warren all right so before my little banking digression I rattled off a bunch of big problems and a natural response is to tune out and turn away but before you

step out into our big trouble the world I want to pass along a piece of advice that Bill Clinton offered me a little over a decade ago actually when he said it it felt less like

 advice and more like a direct order but what he said was turned toward the problems you see you have to engage and tu

rn towards the problems that you see except it sounded like turn towards the problem that you see but when he said this to me he literally turned his body for emphasis t

owards me yeah no listen it seemed kind of simple at the time but the older I get the more wisdom I see in this that is what I want to urge you to do today to turn