Wednesday, 26 June 2019

Till Be A Knee-jerk Teenager In

Till Be A Knee-jerk Teenager In

till be a knee-jerk teenager in key respects but I know an amazing school when I se

e it we're lucky to have MIT in Boston and we're lucky it draws the people that it does people like you from around th

e world I mean you're working on some crazy stuff in these buildings stuff that would freak me out if I actually understood theories models paradigm shifts I'm gonna tell you a

bout one that's been on my mind simulation theory mostly you've probably heard of this maybe even took a class with Max t

egmark but for the uninitiated there's a philosopher named Nick Bostrom at Oxford and he's postulated if there's a tru

ly advanced form of intelligence out there in the universe it's probably advanced enough to run simulations of entire worlds

 maybe trillions of them maybe even our own so the basic idea as I understand it is that we could be living in a massive simul

ation run by a far smarter similar civilization like a giant computer game and we don't even know it and here's the thing a lot

 of physicists a lot of cosmologists they won't rule it out I just watched a discussion online a few weeks back it was moderated by Neil deGrasse Tyson of the Hayden te

rraeum and by and large the panel couldn't and wouldn't give a definitive answer tyson himself put the odds at 50/50 no

w I'm not sure how scientific that was but it had numbers in it so I was impressed but it it got me to thinking what if this a

ll of this is a simulation I mean it's a crazy idea but what if it is and if there are multiple simulations how come we have to be in the one where Donald Trump becomes t

he Republican nominee for president can we like transfer to a different one well professor tegmark has an excellent take on all of this my advice he said recently is to g

o out and do really interesting things so the simulators don't shut you down now then again what if it isn't a simulation either way my answer is the same either

way what we do matters what we do affects the outcome so either way mit

you've got to go out and do really interesting things important things invent

ive things because this world real or imagined this world has some problems that we need you to drop everything and so

lve so go ahead and take your pick from the world's worst buffet economic inequality that's a problem how about the ref

ugee crisis massive global insecurity climate change pandemics institutional racism Appleton