Monday, 8 July 2019

Bootstrapping And Investors

Bootstrapping And Investors

 between bootstrapping and investors instead of raising money from investors I've decided raise money from my own community that's you guys now obvio

usly I can't give equity to each and every one of y'all I can't tell you all that arrear merry company lay low what I can do is add some more value to your life you guys know that I pu

t all my love and everything that I have into each one of my videos and that's what I want to do once again so I'm starting memberships on my channel I want you guys to be a part of the Bo Bice's family even more in

timately we are one family we've grown together and I want to take that culture forward now what'll I give you in return now you gu

ys know about the interview series we're doing it's one of our biggest passion projects it's something we wanted to do for a while but for the sake of YouTube we have to cut down on

e-hour interviews and 40-minute interviews into ten minutes firstly for everyone who joins the Bo biceps membership I will be releasing the long-form versions of all these interviews so th

ese are like half an hour one hour long videos you will have access to all the actual conversations that we have the podcast style conversations secondly every month I'll be releasin

g a diary video it's my diary series will be kind of recapping everything that I've learned over this one month you guys know that YouTube isn't the only thing that I do I ru

n two companies and all mine lessons from the world of entrepreneurship everything that I learn in this office everything that alone in my own career I'm gonna crunch it down every single month and