Monday, 8 July 2019

Either Release A Diary Video Or

Either Release A Diary Video Or

 either release a diary video or do a diary style life scream for everyone who's on the memberships program I'm also going to be attaching an exclusive

via biceps emoji to every single memberships member and finally I'm also going to be giv

ing y'all access to the YouTube content that I watch see I'm someone who's always learning about things because I want to take those things and create content out of it so all the con

tent that I bought on YouTube the educational content the infotainment content I'm going to collect it on a playlist and you're gonna have access to that playlist now the me

mberships are priced at 160 rupees per month some people might think that's a little bit expensive but you guys need to know that by joining th

e memberships you're helping the Bo Bice's organization grow remember my team myself we put everything that we have into each o

ne of our videos and this is a way of us just kind of returning the favor to you we could be putting on even more video content we can add more value to your life in return we need

 a little bit of that capital that a little bit of investment from your side we need you to come on board as a beer biceps invest oh why because going forward you guys know that my ultima

te life goal is a lot of charity I genuinely want to donate most of the money we make on these companies eventually but to reach that point where we have that much money

 to donate I need to set up businesses first I'm planning on launching my own clothing line I'm planning on launching multiple other products that will add value to your life and by investing in these