Thursday, 11 July 2019

Happen And I Can Understand

Happen And I Can Understand

 happen and I can understand that I mean I think that we want to remember special events and and even everyday things do and personally I love taking photos

when I go places and see my friends and I also love looking at old photos I think they can provide an insight into the past as

 well why do you think that I think that there can be very powerful and remi

nd us of special places and people and even remind us what we were doing this day or how we can be feeling in this in this m

oment they are also a record of our lives visually and for example photos of you as a baby and then as a child and th

at thing is an incredible thing like a diary I think it can act as a trigger for memory as well what about written records can th

ey also encourage us to remember past events written records by written records do you mean writing things down like Di

aries or lettuce yes well yes I think that write things down can definitely help u

s to remember the past but also the reality is that people no longer write things down in the same way like gonna let this or D

iaries some people do but I think that we are less time and I'm patients nowadays and writing is more of a luxury I sup

pose in fact I kind of remember the last time that I put pen to paper I perform this example I think I can just about stretch to a postcard however my mom tells me that

she kept a daily diary throughout her childhood recording everything that she did she wrote loss and loss during school holidays especially and I like the idea of doing that but I know that I would never get a

round to actually sitting down and putting my thoughts on a page and which do you think is better recording