Friday, 19 July 2019

Like To Drive In It Well It's

Like To Drive In It Well It's

you it is such an honor to be part of your day it's an honor to be here with you with your friends your professors and your p

arents but let's be honest this is an honor I didn't really earn I'm just gonna put that out there I mean I've seen the lis

t of previous commencement speakers Nobel Prize winners the UN secretary-general president of the World Bank Pres

ident of the United States and who did you get the guy who did the voice for a cartoon horse if you're wondering which cartoon horse that spirit stallion of the Cimarron a

movie summon you might have grown up watching it's definitely one of my best performances as a cartoon hor

se well look I don't even have a college degree as you might have heard I went to Harvard I just didn't graduate from Harvar

d I got pretty close but I started to get movie roles and I didn't finish all my courses but I put on a cap and gown and I walked with my class my mom and dad and brother w

ere there and everything I just never got an actual degree you could say I kind of faked graduated so you can imagine how excited I was when president rife called

to invite me to speak at the MIT commencement and then you can imagine how sorry I was to learn that the MIT commencement speaker does not get to go home with a degree so yes for

the second time in my life I am fake graduating from a college in my hometown [Music] and my mom and my dad and my brother are here again and this time I brought my

wife and my four kids so welcome kids to your dad's second fake graduation you must be so proud so as I said my mom is here she's a professor so she knows the

 value of an MIT degree she also knows that I couldn't have gotten in here I mean Harvard you know barely or a safety school like Yale look I'm not running for