Monday, 15 July 2019

ll not be what you have to do in

Ll Not Be What You Have To Do In

 exam so it'll not be what you have to do in those types of questions I noticed on me I knew Janu kind of questions what kind of

action do you think to be asked cure I don't know I never want to do a levels are now barely understood now the sco

e was like what do you want to be are one of your fucking five Arthur or some shell I going to baccarat then send you out th

e fucking door send you into a fucking college or some shillelagh and so what do you want to be electrician now gave them wi

ll fuck up the apology can learn up to electrician shit you know it sees an apprenticeship and fly then when a levels was never on the fucking table for a

ny of those men known as really gave a shit about ba never really understood what it was for got my bitch kid died that's t

he handy bit time to get out yeah don't worry for fine no way else it's not as bad as the fucking box and fartbreaker as f

ucking things and you come across one filter did I think it I can't remember what it was for one of the box was filled with rad

iation good pander and ghouls and you got truck and you know it was quite easy to wear get get stuck in there you'll be looking around things like that sits like a bleedi

ng means the one I went in or area which I never go out of and practically Gable it was filled I was already down radiation and it was filled with radiation and the gh

ouls and a great big profits to legal side yeah that's probably the same one I die Cartman which one it as well haha remember I'm the important to Vegas as one f

illed with plants yeah I remember long and there's a door that you need specifically sent five in skillpoints the locker and the ghoul NAU's