Monday, 15 July 2019

One Of The One Of The

One Of The One Of The

 pursuing she's part of one of the one of the nation cooking media so part of a mission where sometimes experimen

tal some shill about to blow something up yeah oh God it was nearly impossible to stay alive with the end of Navy and the f

ourth delivery out during in that facility and the radiation everywhere and there there's a chance you can get box to wear open the fucking to go into this room wit

h Phil the radiation that they get into go in there for you but if you're not playing as a good character you w

on't do it for you I was paying else the radiation was something like 4050 some koala you die your - straightaway basically needed of a radiation suit us and voila I was

a pain in the ass before as well as a desert there's an area because no on the map on the market it's like a square shape there's like a square outline onyx here

you go outside that squares it's just radiation and there's a bit in the game where you need to go past this square you nee

d to go into a radiated area and if you don't have a if you don't have power armor then it's almost impossible to stay alive because you'll be doing nothing but takin

g rad acts and raid away and things like that depending us all claims quantities it gives you power almost straight away

 and you can find that use these everywhere as well so next the game off the easier there are the Annunaki radiation I came solid by the way well here me is not game of

 kill you quite easily and there's also some super mutants as well that's an optical what takes me if some siblings Rob off suiciders Michael of many nukes in their handle of those rule not game ball I can cite it's almost like a fat man