Wednesday, 10 July 2019

Opportunity Our Work Is In

Opportunity Our Work Is In

 opportunity our work is in the belief that access to health information is a basic human right and that lab information

particularly because lab data drives 70% of clinical decisions I'm needs to be Cybil two people before they're sick so if you look at the word diagnosed in the d

ictionary today it says to determine the presence of disease from symptoms which means by definition or determining that people are sick once a disease has already progressed and our work is in being

 able to make lab testing accessible to people in time for therapy to be effected and to do that in a way in which every person irrespective of their insurance statu

s irrespective of where they live can afford the ability to get a test done so that means in our case we've invested the last 12 years in now developing hundreds of test

s many of which are less than ten dollars so in two dollar tests in the United States and I think one of the ama

zing things about this country is that we have such an incredible ecosystem for fueling creativity and that creativity can c

reate new markets so an answer to your question about the market being able to conform itself to social good I think the creativity that goe

s into creating news new technologies creates new markets in and of themselves and and our basic belief that is th

atat those new markets come from empowering individuals and in franchising individuals and