Wednesday, 10 July 2019

Trusting That Individuals Have

Trusting That Individuals Have

 trusting that individuals have the capability to engage with information and in accessing that information beginning to

take control of their own outcomes and their own health outcomes and in doing so changing the way our health care system works think what this could m

ean for rural China you know for rural India for Native American reservations in America for the Mississippi Delta for the remote areas of where all the jobs were lost f

rom cold you're all of a sudden giving people information and one of the most important things I think we did in my second term as president and health front w

as developed as diabetes self care program and all of a sudden you could be Jack's company could be delivering the means to self care based on your test I mean I think that this is really this is a very big deal w

e all want to live as long and as well as we can and Gregg Benner was here we were joking about whether we'd make it to a hundred but in the meanwhile you wan

t to keep people healthy and if they're sick you want to intervene early not late yeah well and if you look at I mean the ability to engage with this information we have a four trillion dollar health care problem in t

his country 20% of it is type 2 diabetes which is reversible and we have 90 million Americans who do not know they are pre-diabetic but access to

information and the ability to engage with that information is the foundation for being able to change those