Thursday, 11 July 2019

You We Are In New York

You We Are In New York

rippled talented and amazing Katy Perry thank you we are in New York City and Katy is gonna answer your questions in fact 20,000 quest

ions were submitted using the tool on YouTube called moderator we're gonna be here all night get some popcorn get a soda and 40

0,000 votes were cast to pick 400,000 yeah people voted 400,000 times to pick the top popular you are Thanks let's get started okay question who comes from why the

 face no one has any one why the face oh one I know the usernames relators anyone who never liked you come crawling b

ack to you after becoming famous oh good question yeah the change the whole change that happens after you're in you

 have a little bit of success yeah it's funny you don't I kind of really went through that when I was in Los Angeles because I m

oved to Los Angeles when I was 17 and I wasn't really invited different places that some other friends were or I couldn't go h

ang out with certain people or about what cuz they didn't think I was cool enough and then finally when I got my big break

 it was like you know there was no waiting in line and I was just like I remember I remember that I'm not gonna come to your party anymore I'm not gonna just let

you ride the coattails but I have really good friends thank God and I've had them for a long time and they're having just as

 much fun you know on this insane rollercoaster as I am and I get to go back to Santa Barbara all the time I just did a feature there about like where I com

e from and my my high school and I still am pretty good in pretty good contact with everyone from kind of that time and I I reconnected like with old best friends and we were all just so happy to be